CEO Greetings

Hanil Manpower – A company challenging its limits

  • Since its’ foundation in 1988, Hanilmanpower has grown as the Korea’s best professional household item supplying company.
    As to its reputation, Japanese’s distribution market is one of the most difficult markets in the world, but yet, not only we managed to successfully enter this market, we have also maintained more than 20 years of partnership with Japanese biggest flat price store, “Daiso”. Nowadays, we are exporting more than 0.5 billion of our products to Daiso Japan every year. Domestically, Hanilmanpower has shared growth with Daiso A-Sung whose annual revenue is 1trillion by supplying competitive products.
  • Hanilmanpower’s core value is C/P (concept performance), in other words; the value which customers feel with its product. With the principle to provide products which the customers would be pleased to its quality and its price, we committed in developing kitchenware, interior, bathroom, beauty, sports, stationery, living and other household items. For the last 20 years, we developed more than 60,000 items and nowadays we are still launching 500 new items to meet customers’ needs.
  • We will continue to discover customers’ needs even before than themselves, and will not stop innovation and value creation by providing quality products at a low price. Hanilmanpower will become worlds’ leading house appliances developer, please observe us with your kindest interest.
CEO 박정부