Company Introduction

Hanil Manpower – A company challenging its limits
World’s best daily life product producer and developer
- Biggest partner of Daiso Japan and Daiso Korea
- Develops a wide range of new products from 3,500 partners in 35 countries
- Has over 60,000 line of products used in daily life
- Provides quality goods at reasonable price
- Creates and leads a consuming culture without price bubbles
Our Products
We provide over 60,000 kinds of kitchen, office, interior, accessory, cosmetics plastic, wood, steel products centered around consumers’ living. Currently, we are doing business with 3,500 partners in 35 countries including China, Southeast Asia, India, and Europe.
Our Export Performance
Every year, about 500 million products of Hanil Manpower are sold in Japanese and Korean markets at a uniform price.
In detail, that means 120 million Japanese has consumed at least three of our products, and 50 million Korean population at least one. If you have experience purchasing at one of 2,700 100 Yen shops in Japan or one of 1,000 flat price stores in Korea, you probably have experience in buying one of our products as well.
Hanilmanpower’s basic management policy is to pursue reasonable and stable growth by on ensuring internal stability.